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Iranian Expensive Marbles for Export in Bulk

Today, Manufacturers produce different types of expensive marbles in the world. This products are available in different colors and models in every stores. Producers manufacture this products with professional systems and global standards. Customers can find the most expensive marble rocks and buy them with the highest level of quality. Trading this products is so profitable for dealers and wholesalers. Iranian marble is so popular around the world. 

Iranian Expensive Marbles for Export in Bulk

What type of marbles are valuable?

What type of marbles are valuable?Marble is one of the most valuable stones in the world. There are many different types of this stones that have various qualities and models. This products have different names and we can say that all of them are valuable and there is no marble which is not valuable. Miners always are searching for more sources of this stones and they use professional devices to excavate this products. This problems cause that this type of stone turn to one of the most scarce and expensive products around the world. So, we introduce you some types of this stones and this information helps you to buy products with more suitably, types of valuable marbles: 

  • Calacatta carrara marble 
  • Crema marble 
  • Emperador marble 
  • Statuary marble 

Calacatta marble is one of the most expensive marble countertops that is sold with high prices. Pictorial price guide of marbles show that this type of stone is so valuable and other types are in the second place. Crema stone which is mined from unique sources and is manufactured in big factories. This type is popular because of durability, Crema is so durable and is so resistant against different things. Emperador marble which is available in various sizes, this type is so unique and you cannot find this stone easily. This stone is available in both light and dark color and it depends on your interests which type you choose. 

Statuary marble that is not well-known as other types is so luxury, people who want to make their home so luxury use this stone. This stone is shiny and everyone will be gaze at the walls of your beautiful house. This types are so expensive and only some of people can buy them, Manufacturers produce this products professionally and they are selling this stones with expensive prices. If you want to buy the best stone, we suggest Calacatta to you because this stone is great in various aspects. You can buy this products and use them in your dream home. 

What is the bestselling color of marbles around the world?

Marbles have various colors and this problem causes that we have wide variety of this products. Some of this colors are better than others because you should know that the color of this products depends on the quality. People always want to buy stones that are modern and also be traditional, too. They always choose color that can be trendy for many years because they want to have a luxury home. We have also public places like hotels, they use various colors to attract people. Now, we name some of the best-selling color of marbles around the world: 

  • White marble 
  • Black marble 
  • Gold marble 
  • Pink marble 

White marble is the best selling color undoubtedly, because this color always is lovely and most of the people like this colors. White stone can be cleaned easily and you do not need to replace stones for many years. Black marble that we can name this type as the most luxury stone, this type is used by people who want to have a great house. Gold and pink are another color but we can say that this types are so scarce and most of the people prefer to buy white marble instead of pink stone. 

The most precious and expensive marbles for traders

The most precious and expensive marbles for traders Businessmen always want to find a way to trade products that are more profitable and earn more money. Traders sign contract with big factories and buy their products and then sell this stones with higher prices. If you are a wholesaler, we suggest you to trade white stones because they are so popular around the world. You should choose a great stone like Calacatta and then export this products to the foreign countries. You should advertise your products in different websites and customers can visit online websites and find your products. You should attract people to buy your products. 

Traders should sell all types of marbles such as cheap and expensive stones. They should sell expensive products because they are more profitable. This business will be one of the best trades in the future and the demand of this stones is increasing. Customers can go to the local stores and select their favorite stone, traders will offer good prices and they can buy this stones without any problem. Black marble is the best type for traders because this stone is so expensive and is so profitable for dealers. Generally, all types of products are good for traders and they can sell this products. 

Top 10 Most Expensive Marblesin 2020

If we want to classify marbles according to the price, we will reach to a list. When you search about this products, you can see the price list of this products and we can say that most of this stones are so expensive. Some of them are expensive because of high level of quality and some of them are unique. We want to exclaim you the most expensive types and you can choose and buy them according to your budget. Price of this products is different in 2020, so top 10 most expensive marbles in 2020: 

  1. Calacatta carrara marble 
  2. Crema marble 
  3. White marble 
  4. Pink marble 
  5. Gold marble 
  6. Emperador marble 
  7. Statuary marble 
  8. Grey marble 
  9. Red marble 
  10. Cream marble 

This list is about the most expensive marbles and it is clear that they are best stones, too. Some color of this stones are so expensive such as grey marble, this type is used in official places and black stone usually is used in hotels. Light marble always is more expensive and because of this rule, you can see that white marble is the most expensive type. Generally, all types are expensive because this stones are not normal stones. 

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